Ruby Rue, from Vancouver Community College is our 2018 winner!  Her piece, “Eventide Glow” was judged to best represent our theme of ‘Starry Night’.

Here is a bit more about Ruby, in her own words..


Ruby is currently in her 2nd year at Vancouver taking Jewellery Art and Design. A multi-talented artist, Ruby has also taken formal studies in welding, general fine arts, and film and video.

Growing up in Southern Alberta with her parents and two brothers, Ruby was impacted by the climate and the terrain surrounding her. The short summers made her appreciate its fleeting beauty, while the long harsh winters provided ample time indoors for drawing and painting.
Prior to attending VCC, Ruby had no formal experience in jewellery. But she considers all of her previous studies as the perfect lead-up into the field of jewellery.

“All the different techniques I learned from these institutions has helped me in my designing, drawing and fabricating of different jewellery pieces.”

Ruby also sees the leap to jewellery from those mediums as a natural progression for her personally. Not so much a changing of fields, but an accumulation of skill and creative growth that culminated in her entry into the jewellery world.

“What inspired me to start making jewellery was the tactility of the work. I enjoyed working with metal previously with my welding career and wanted to translate into a smaller medium that had a lot of creative potential. I also really enjoyed the fact that people consistently are wearing your work of art and it can get passed down to generations because of its sentimentality.”

A life-long natural artist, Rubs has been painting and drawing most of her life, with forays into video and photography in her teenage years. And as with any creatively-driven personality there often lies an unseen support network behind the artist, guiding and influencing along the way.

“Both of my parents have been great influences in my life. They have always encouraged my love of art and have tried to give me as many opportunities to express myself as possible. They saw that the next logical step in my artistic expression was jewellery design and helped me to realize it.”

With one year left in her studies at VCC, Ruby has a clear vision of where she would like to be in the short and long-term.

“After school, I would like to start making my own small line of jewellery and hopefully garner some attention from the general public. I would love to see my jewellery worn and enjoyed by people. I see myself having an online store to sell my own line of jewellery and distributing to local stores. Probably owning my own studio and hopefully at that point apprenticing my little ten-year-old boy to make jewellery too if he is interested. I would also still like to work occasionally for the film industry as I really enjoy setting the stage for the fantasy worlds they create. Possibly even making jewellery for the film industry at that point too.”

Ambition, enthusiasm, and creativity. A fantastic combination for our 2018 Vaccaro Scholarship winner!